Anxiety & Depression

Have stress and feeling overwhelmed gotten in the way?

Do you just not enjoy life as much as you want to?

Do you feel like you should be happy, and yet you are dissatisfied, like something is just wrong?

You Used to Feel Better.

You can recall a time in your life when things were less complicated, when you were less anxious or depressed, and you long to get back there.

You might even be frustrated because you usually can fix situations, get over stuff and just move on. This time you are having trouble doing that.

You Can Feel Better Again!

Even smart, successful and capable people can feel anxious, depressed and overwhelmed by life.

Sometimes the coping strategies, that used to work for you, are no longer effective and it is useful to create new ones.

The good news is that you can learn new tools to manage your emotions, engage with life and begin to feel better.

If you are tired of struggling with feelings of anxiety and depression, I invite you to contact me to see how we might work together.

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