“When we are no longer able to change a situation,
we are challenged to change ourselves.”

– Viktor E. Frankl

My Approach:

My work is integrative and combines traditional, alternative and contemporary modalities. This blend provides a wide range of options with which to explore feelings and issues and creates lasting results. I treat each client as a whole person, working with the mind, body and emotions. I am guided by insight-oriented and gestalt psychotherapy, mindfulness, and art therapy. I also incorporate nutritional and lifestyle considerations to assist my clients in creating healthier emotional and physical wellbeing. This can be especially helpful with anxiety, sleep disturbances, depression and hormonal issues.

Individual Sessions:

Working individually, you will receive support and guidance to promote self-reflection and focus on understanding all facets of your life more deeply. You will learn to manage your stress and emotions while making positive changes.

Couples Sessions:

Support and guidance to any couple that wants to improve their relationship and interpersonal dynamics. The goal is to work on communication and gain a deeper understanding of each other, so that the needs of both can be better met and you can feel more connection.

Supervision/Therapy for Therapists:

Professional supervision for therapists seeking any of these licenses: LCSW, “R” status, LMHC, LP, LMFT or LCAT. I also provide therapy to therapists who want to have devoted time and space for continual personal and professional growth.

Health and Wellness Counseling:

Focusing on nutrition and lifestyle choices, these sessions support you to feel more connected to your body and optimize your physical health and well-being, while minimizing symptoms that you may be experiencing.

Online or Phone Sessions:

For individuals unable to travel to my office, I offer therapy sessions via a secure online platform or phone. Online sessions enable those with limited time or access to obtain the support and help they need on a consistent basis.

Groups and Workshops:

Group sessions are devoted to working with others on a common theme and learning new ways of being, relating and taking care of your self. Groups offer support and can help you feel more connected and empowered. Generally, groups run 4-8 weeks. Workshops are a one time intensive where you will be immersed into a creative, healing or mindful practice. Please contact to me to see about current availability.

For a complete schedule, you can also visit www.lotuspsych.com, a center that I co-founded, where I facilitate groups and workshops.

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